Massage has evolved into a respected form of healing.

Experience the tranquility and regeneration as thousands of touch receptors awaken, unravel & provide nurturing sensations throughout the tense body...

We recommend one weekly massage for a healthy body & to counteract daily stress effects.

  • 90/120 minsSignature Detox Massage

    Must try for your sore muscles and stress caused fatigue! Ideal for those prone to chronic pain or fatigue, rheumatism/ arthritis pain and sport strains.

  • 60/90/120 minsRoyal Javanese Massage

    To alleviate muscle aches and relieve tensions.

  • 60/90/120 minsAromatherapy Massage

    Special blends of graded essential oils which release their healing properties onto the skin to balance your body and mind, restoring a sense of well-being.

  • 60/90/120 minsSwedish Massage

    A gentle and calming massage for lymphatic drainage.

  • 60 minsFoot Massage

    Our feet take us through life. To relax your feet from daily strains and to give back energy to distress tired muscles.